What to see in Tavira

Taviras main point is the Gilao river and it´s Roman Bridge. The river flows a couple of kilometers through the landscape and joins the sea in the area of the islands and Ria Formosa natural park. Morst of Taviras tourist attractions are on the south side of the bridge, including what remains of the ancient city walls and what little that remains of the Castle, where also our property is situated. A few towers, you can see one next to our house, and some doors is what remains of what once were the city walls, like porta de Dom Manuel. You can scroll along the river and see the water come and go. You also find a lot of restaurants here. On the other side of the river is the Cathedral square situated with also a lot of restaurants.

Tavira Islands

Considered to be one of the best beaches in the Algarve region, Tavira Island is the exlibris of the city, just take a bicycle trip and you are there.

Pego do Inferno

Located in Santo Estevao, this idyllic scenery is composed by a waterfall forming a round pond, of a mediterranean green water.

Ria Formosa

Ria Formaosa runs from Faro to near Castro Marim, it´s one of the natures untouched paradises and the ideal place if you want to have a nice and relaxed moment.

Roman Bridge

Altough the bridge itself is not Roman neither has a Roman origin. It was built when Tavira belonged to Al-Andalus, the Islamic state in southern Andalucia, Spain.

Forte de Rato

The Forte de Santo Antonio de Tavira, also known as Forte de Rato or Forte da Ihla das Lebres, is located to the east of Quatro Aguas close to the Spanish border.

Astronomical Observatory

The old water tower has been renovated and converted into Tower of Tavira.

Salt Pans

Tavira is interwined with the history of salt. Ria Formosa turns the salt pans into outdoor chemistry labs.

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